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Things to consider before buying real estate in Belize

I’m often astounded by the number of people I talk to who’ve purchased property in Belize after only vacationing for a few days in one spot.  It’s all too common when vacationing to ask yourself “wouldn’t it be great to own a place here?”.

The problem is that you are on vacation!  Everything looks great when viewed through your rosy colored sunglasses, especially after sipping on a few rum drinks.  Buying real estate in Belize or anywhere else for that matter should be based on a number of factors one of which is not emotion.    Although Belize is a relatively small country, each area is unique and offers something different.   From the lush rainforest of the Cayo region to the coral reef of the Cayes there are pros and cons to each area.

Let’s take Ambergris Caye for example as this is one of the most visited areas for vacationers.   The waters are blue, the sea breeze is warm, and the waves are crashing over the reef on just off shore.   It’s a great place to live if you’re into fishing or scuba diving.  To most visitors this is the perfect picture postcard.   But island living has it’s disadvantages as well.  First off there aren’t any cars on the island so getting around is ,mostly done by golf cart, bike, or walking.  While this may sound like a great way to disconnect from your everyday life you might have a different perspective when it rains!  Things also cost more when living on an island as most goods have to be brought from the mainland by boat or plane.  Eventually everyone suffers from a little “island fever” for which the only remedy is a trip to the mainland, which again can only be done by boat or plane.  These are just some of the things most people don’t think about while on that emotional “high” of being on vacation.

On our tours we visit many of the large developments and meet with a few preferred  real estate agents,  However we discourage anyone from making any real estate purchases while on our tours.    Our goal is to give you a genuine feel for each area by letting you see the town, talk with people and see some available real estate.  We want you to then decide what best fits your needs.   Once you find an area you like we suggest that you plan a return trip to that area(s) for a longer stay.   You’re likely to see things you didn’t see on your first trip and you’ll be more focused on the task at hand.  After spending more time with one of our preferred agents and let them help you make a decision on your purchase.   Most developers and real estate companies offer some type of incentive for those who purchase and we encourage you to take advantage of it.    See you in Belize!